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Principal’s Message. Saint Mary’s School Murree Road

We the Saint Marians trust in the innate goodness of people and their capacities to transcend human

Principal : Asif Nawab Gill
Email : gills_fatimavillas@yahoo.com
Cell: 0321-5838668, 0301-5359718

limitations as they move in this journey of life. Our vision is to build a just society where people live in dignity, equality, freedom and co-responsibility. It is based on our firm belief in students’ potential to overcome cultural and social biases and to transform themselves into dynamic agents of nation building, capable of mobilizing and transforming the society. Holistic growth of students is the core principle of our school. We put students needs, priorities and aspirations at the centre, with due respect to their knowledge and capacities. The institution is run as a process of mental, ongoing learning among students, staff, parents and together creating a better earth.  We strive to bring change and transformation in a holistic way with due respect to their culture, beliefs, traditions and indigenous knowledge which are directly linked to their nature and attitude to life. Our idea is not just to see what people are doing but to build on it and initiate innovation to become agents of change. Participatory learning methodology is enabling them take the lead in organizing meetings, exposure and exchange programmes, hold festivals together. Due recognition is given to the knowledge people have, creating platforms to share and strengthen their capacities by facilitating a student centered learning. A gradual shift from teaching to a facilitating mode is happening over a period of time in order to bring out the best in them. More open communication, peer learning, and creating spaces for experiential learning are the most important elements of our education approaches.    A key learning from this process is that communication and facilitation skills must be further developed and strengthened. We feel that there are many possibilities for this, given the fact that there is trained and dedicated staff and experienced parents and experts who are willing to play a big role. Best Wishes, ASIF NAWAB GILL (Principal) St. Mary’s Cambridge School, Murree Road Rawalpindi     st. news